The Larry and Julia Royster Student Scholarship Award

The Larry and Julia Royster Scholarship Award is made possible through a generous contribution by Larry and Julia Royster.  The award is made by the Acoustical Society of America after a poster competition is conducted by one or two Regional or Student Chapters each year.

Competition entrants must be full-time graduate students enrolled in a program involving acoustics or senior undergraduate students expecting to enroll in such a program who present posters on Hearing Conservation or Noise Control topics including Education, Sound Surveys, Engineering and Administrative Controls, Hearing Protection, Audiometric Evaluations.

The full details and rules on holding a Royster Competition can be found in the following document:  Royster Student Scholarship Award Program

Larry and Julia Royster with North Carolina Poster Competition Participants

Recipients have been:

  • 2003

Patricio Ravetta, Virginia Tech,
Phased Array Technology Development at Virginia Tech, Concept and Application to Landing Gear Noise

  • 2004

Kyle Schwartz, Virginia Tech,
Natural Hearing Restoration for Encapsulating Helmets

Nerissa McCoy, Virginia Tech,
Acoustical Design of Restaurants

  • 2005

Noah Schiller, Virginia Tech,
Numerical simulation of an aircraft style panel excited by a random pressure field

Om Deshmukh, University of Maryland,
Speech enhancement using modified phase opponency model

  • 2006

Steven Lovestedt and Jared Thomas, Brigham Young University
Active noise control for multiple stationary sinusoids in helicopter noise

Rahul Kadam, Virginia Tech
Computational Model for Vibro-Acoustic Simulation of a Pneumatic Chipping Hammer

  • 2007

Lisa J. Burton, Duke University
Acoustic performance of sound attenuating ducts utilizing spatially periodic area changes with absorbing material

  • 2008 – No Award
  • 2009

Qing Yang, University of Florida

Zachary Collins, Brigham Young University
Interior Fourier Near-field Acoustical Holography Using Energy Density

  • 2010

Tom-Davy Saux, Virginia Tech,
Active Noise Control of a Portable Generator Set

  • 2011

Ryan Harne, Virginia Tech
A study of the concurrent attenuation of and energy harvesting from surface vibrations

Alan T. Wall, Brigham Young University
Military Jet Noise: Near-field Acoustical Holography of the F-22 Raptor

  • 2012

Andy Christian, Pennsylvania State University
Towards a Consistent Near-Airport Flight Procedure Optimization Algorithm for Noise Mitigation

  • 2013

Ravish Mehra, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Wave-Ray Coupling for Interactive Sound Propagation in Large Complex Scenes

Vijaya N. S. Sriram Malladi, Virginia Tech
Characterization of acoustic emissions with ambient noise using a novel Continuous Acoustic Scanning Technique (CAST)

  • 2014

Blaine Harker and Brent Reichman, Brigham Young University
Quantifying the Impulsive Nature of Jet Noise

  • 2015

Cody Elston, Rush University
Effects of Varying Rates of Speech on Comprehension and Memorization for Young Adults

Ni Sui, North Carolina State University
Method attaching a metamaterial to a honeycomb structure achieve strong low-frequency sound blockage with very light weight

  • 2016

Kieren H. Smith, Brigham Young University
Preserving Musician Hearing at BYU

Nicholas Morales, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Acoustic Material Optimization

  • 2017

Atul Rungta, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Diffraction Kernels for Interactive Sound Propagation

Nikhil JRK Gerard, North Carolina State University
Acoustic Metasurface for Planar Sound Shielding.

  • 2018

Brian Patchett, Brigham Young University
Shockwave Generation Using Time Reversal Acoustics to Test Hearing Protection Equipment

Kevin Leete, Brigham Young University
Coherence Analysis of the Simulated Sound Field from a Highly-heated Supersonic Jet

  • 2019

Kieren H. Smith, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Relationship of time-logged acoustic conditions in K-12 classrooms with other environmental parameters

  • 2020
Siqian Li, Yaohan Feng, Yue Lei, Kaiyue Zhuang,
Chongqing University

Acoustic design of waterscape and their application in psychological rehabilitation

Miqing Wang,
Nanyang Technological University
Optimal ANC System Arrangement Based on Complete System Analyses Applying COSMOL Multiphysics and MATLAB