The Larry and Julia Royster Student Scholarship Award

The Larry and Julia Royster Scholarship Award is made possible through a generous contribution by Larry and Julia Royster.  The award is made by the Acoustical Society of America after a poster competition is conducted by one or two Regional or Student Chapters each year.

Competition entrants must be full-time graduate students enrolled in a program involving acoustics or senior undergraduate students expecting to enroll in such a program who present posters on Hearing Conservation or Noise Control topics including Education, Sound Surveys, Engineering and Administrative Controls, Hearing Protection, Audiometric Evaluations.

The full details and rules on holding a Royster Competition can be found in the following document:  Royster Student Scholarship Award Program

Larry and Julia Royster with North Carolina Poster Competition Participants

Recipients have been:

  • 2003

Patricio Ravetta, Virginia Tech,
Phased Array Technology Development at Virginia Tech, Concept and Application to Landing Gear Noise

  • 2004

Kyle Schwartz, Virginia Tech,
Natural Hearing Restoration for Encapsulating Helmets

Nerissa McCoy, Virginia Tech,
Acoustical Design of Restaurants

  • 2005

Noah Schiller, Virginia Tech,
Numerical simulation of an aircraft style panel excited by a random pressure field

Om Deshmukh, University of Maryland,
Speech enhancement using modified phase opponency model

  • 2006

Steven Lovestedt and Jared Thomas, Brigham Young University
Active noise control for multiple stationary sinusoids in helicopter noise

Rahul Kadam, Virginia Tech
Computational Model for Vibro-Acoustic Simulation of a Pneumatic Chipping Hammer

  • 2007

Lisa J. Burton, Duke University
Acoustic performance of sound attenuating ducts utilizing spatially periodic area changes with absorbing material

  • 2008 – No Award
  • 2009

Qing Yang, University of Florida

Zachary Collins, Brigham Young University
Interior Fourier Near-field Acoustical Holography Using Energy Density

  • 2010

Tom-Davy Saux, Virginia Tech,
Active Noise Control of a Portable Generator Set

  • 2011

Ryan Harne, Virginia Tech
A study of the concurrent attenuation of and energy harvesting from surface vibrations

Alan T. Wall, Brigham Young University
Military Jet Noise: Near-field Acoustical Holography of the F-22 Raptor

  • 2012

Andy Christian, Pennsylvania State University
Towards a Consistent Near-Airport Flight Procedure Optimization Algorithm for Noise Mitigation

  • 2013

Ravish Mehra, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Wave-Ray Coupling for Interactive Sound Propagation in Large Complex Scenes

Vijaya N. S. Sriram Malladi, Virginia Tech
Characterization of acoustic emissions with ambient noise using a novel Continuous Acoustic Scanning Technique (CAST)

  • 2014

Blaine Harker and Brent Reichman, Brigham Young University
Quantifying the Impulsive Nature of Jet Noise

  • 2015

Cody Elston, Rush University
Effects of Varying Rates of Speech on Comprehension and Memorization for Young Adults

Ni Sui, North Carolina State University
Method attaching a metamaterial to a honeycomb structure achieve strong low-frequency sound blockage with very light weight

  • 2016

Kieren H. Smith, Brigham Young University
Preserving Musician Hearing at BYU

Nicholas Morales, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Acoustic Material Optimization

  • 2017

Atul Rungta, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Diffraction Kernels for Interactive Sound Propagation

Nikhil JRK Gerard, North Carolina State University
Acoustic Metasurface for Planar Sound Shielding.

  • 2018

Brian Patchett, Brigham Young University
Shockwave Generation Using Time Reversal Acoustics to Test Hearing Protection Equipment

Kevin Leete, Brigham Young University
Coherence Analysis of the Simulated Sound Field from a Highly-heated Supersonic Jet

  • 2019

Kieren H. Smith, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Relationship of time-logged acoustic conditions in K-12 classrooms with other environmental parameters